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Gourmet popcorn unit

Our Gourmet popcorn unit really is one of a kind this very quirky unit really turns heads at any event.We pop fresh kernels with over 10 different flavours to create an amazing array of popcorn.

This unit can also offer on foot popcorn hawkers for staduims and events,dressed in red dickie bow, red braces a white shirt black trousers and a wicker hat our 15 strong on foot vendors will walk the steps of the staduim and keep those fans happy.

For the past three years we have sold popcorn to nearly every single person in the Twickenham staduim in london for the NFL American football games. Our on foot vendors walk through the crowds selling sweet and salty boxed popcorn to over 80,000 people. All i can say is the Americans really do love popcorn.

popcorn flavours:

We can either pay a percentage of our takings to you or we can pay a fee for the day , this unit also sells cold drinks and a selection of hot drinks.

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